The Krampitz large tank farm. Ideal for mining, industry and power plants. Effective fuel supply. Also for the big ones.

Transportation and construction are extremely easy thanks to containerized design and standardized equipment.

Construction Krampitz large fuel tank depot

First step: Set strip foundations. Once the foundations have hardened, the tank containers can be set up. A crane and two fitters are needed to assemble the containers. First the administrator. The heart of the plant. Acceptance and delivery unit for fuels. Also, here is the central controller for the entire cluster. From here, the fill levels of each individual container are managed and the entire safety sensor system is monitored. If the administrator container stands, it is anchored like every other container, at all corners with retaining bolts.

Now: Fit the pipe fittings. This is where the next container is mounted. This container and all others that are now being deployed are the workers. Here the fuel is stored. 60,000 l per container. The filling and emptying of the worker containers runs over the manifolds. Inlet and outlet are controlled by motor ball valves, switched by the control module in the Worker. This control module is subordinate to the central control in the administrator.

The preparation of the workers is always the same: set the pipe fittings, align the containers, screw down the retaining bolts. Right from the administrator container as well. A total of 10 worker containers with a total capacity of 600,000 l are assembled here. But you can also enlarge the system and add more containers. Also in hindsight. The dismantling and construction in another location is just as easy dar. Here only appropriate strip foundations have to be reset.

The containers are standing, now follows the installation of the external tank equipment on the administrator, air filter for the ventilation, electronic content display per tank chamber, a motor ball valve in the intake manifold of the container.

In addition: Lightning protection, lamps for the external lighting and a surrounding safety railing on the tank roof. The same elements are also mounted on all worker containers.

Finally, the control modules of the worker containers are electrically connected to the central control in the administrator container. In addition, the leak test of the piping systems takes place.

Done. After about 7 days, the system is ready for use. The system is filled via the administrator container. More than 15 tanker trucks can be unloaded professionally. Then the tank farm is full. The fuel for both mobile and stationary consumers is dispensed on the other side of the administrator’s container.

We provide movement. Storage tank cluster from Krampitz. Cubically good.